Seasonal Elixirs

Waterfall‘Tis the season of Re-vision. Bold Re-view and Re-solution. There’s a comfortable way to parse this out, one that strikes me as touching all our potentials without trapping us into false promises.

Public rituals like January 1 can spark private occasions for dropping inward and letting things float in timelessness, unhooked from the calendar’s demands: at a level more subtle than divisions into past, present, and future, a human being is, in the *fully* present moment, contemplating what seems to be history and what might be the future. In that fluid ever-present state, perpetual flux feels real. The soul or spirit enjoys the possibilities floating in the seasonal elixirs of transcendence, without a starting clock or time limit.

That’s what I’m finding for myself this year: a lengthier separation between myself and the public ritual. Privately, I’m taking my own ‘Resolution Means Flow’ philosophy to a deeper level than before. Publicly, I can participate in the celebration by devoting thought and feeling to this post, and adding it to the blog before midnight. But I feel less driven to imagine a new world for myself than I’ve ever felt before, although I’m enjoying the reflection and the what-iffing. I’ve been much more activated by the darkness of Solstice (as much as I loved last year’s January 1 post, with its links to previous thoughts about making choices, exploring passions, and other clear-the-space create-a-life activities).

These posts, and the links in them – to my own work and to a growing galaxy of other resources – are experienced from my side as gifts, gifts to the imaginations of readers who might also be pondering these issues. This is what I wanted to say in closing, and it reminded me of Italo Calvino’s sense of being created by the stories we hear. I quoted him on this idea in a post called ‘Storied Synchronicity’, and I sense it’s an ideal gift to you for this moment.

May all of your moments be awash in the elixirs of transcendence, beyond time.

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