Updated October 2017

For writing and editing services, please contact me via Facebook about your project before choosing a payment amount (since major discounts and incremental payments are available). Donations (scroll on down) are fine any time.

Credit card payments can go securely to PayPal.

Otherwise, checks and money orders are fine.


This website is a writing sample. I am the sole embodied creator and editor of all the text. I’ve been classically and on-the-job trained as a wordcrafter for forty years. I have a powerful ear for cultural and personal tone and intent – moving from brass tacks to etheria, from down-homeness to truly intimidating sophistication. I usually take in raw materials, inquire about the audience and the desired impact, and create from there: full book manuscripts, magazine articles, newsletters and brochures, web text, grant applications, awards nominations and presentations, press releases, fundraising letters, ad copy, and so on. My pleasure is to get it all completed quickly, with grace and precision, so that your investment is optimized and my time is liberated.

$1/minute, descending on larger projects, with a 15-minute ($15) minimum. Conversations about the project, in preparation and during updates, are not on the clock. The first project enjoys a 10% try-out discount. This includes original writing and near-total rewrites.

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Editors vary. In a line edit, usually spelling-punctuation-grammar, my preference is to highlight known or suspected errors in the content. You can then decide if you want to add time to get suggestions or corrections. In content editing, which includes fact-checking and outright corrections, you also get feedback on logic and style – whether the tone works for your audience, whether it’s hampered by clichés, extra words, etc. The full, or structural, edit calls in comprehensive insight as to whether your offering is complete, organized, and/or repetitive.

The first project enjoys a 25% try-out discount (up to 4 hours). To see if you want to do this, you can send me the first seven pages for a free trial and estimates for the whole project – with pricing options for line, content, and structural editing. As an additional service, I can make agreed-upon changes if an electronic file is provided.

$0.75/minute in 15-minute increments, with a 15-minute ($11.25) minimum (volume discounts on larger projects)*
* Line editing:  spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax (specify marked or made corrections)
* Content editing: fact-checking, logic, style – with rewrites or just marked commentary
* Structural editing: organization of material, missing and extraneous material

* PPM (pages per minute) varies with quality and complexity of the draft, as well as depth of editing desired – and whether or not you want me to create a new draft with the suggested corrections already made.

PS: I do very high quality work very fast, so you get extra advantages in both time and money.

Time Blocks



I would love to create new publications and services, possibly even a writers workshop.