Soul-Sense Meditation (notes)

golden enlightenment lotusOne morning in mid-2011 I experienced a convergence of thirty years’ worth of inner-development techniques, plus – and this is what thrilled me – a  new sequence of inner movement that allowed all the techniques, in combination, to accelerate the clarification of old material, enhance compassionate receipt of its wisdom, and expand a sense of spaciousness, freedom, and relaxation – with a startling shift into a vibration for which I have no more apt name than divine love.

Months later, in creating the website, the name of it (Soul-Sense) suddenly “wrote itself” on my notepad. It resonated with the title of Ken Wilber’s The Marriage of Sense and Soul (which flows into modern times from Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell), and the book’s intent for integration of material, subtle, and causal dimensions. It is nothing official, though. I mention it in respectful thanks for the profound value I continue to receive from his work.

The meditation arises from several thought-spheres: awareness that the word “I” changes in meaning as it is thought/felt/uttered from different interior vantage points; conception of all Nature as Divine; awareness of human existence as being part of Nature; conception of “ego” as a temporary energetic construction known as the bodymind; an understanding that we are all already enlightened and awake, suffering only degrees of unawareness because of veils of ideas and other dissolvable energies; perception of personalities as carriers of bioenergy that can transmit helpful information and then dissolve; belief in the value of living fully in higher/deeper consciousness and the manifest world simultaneously; and a willingness to entertain the possibility that the motive of all life is love.

Since this is so new, I don’t know how immersed anyone has to be in these thought-spheres, for it to “work.” I do know that empathetic preparation for the meditation can lend depth, scope, and a higher/deeper/clearer vibration. I believe that’s why it wanted to be told in story-form, to allow all the preparatory experiences to be clarified and absorbed. In the meantime, to get started on it, many of the ideas are expressed in the blog posts, such as Seven Story Forgiveness, The Weird Self-Help of Sadness, and Deconstruction of Desire.

I envision publication on Kindle in the near future. (Readers won’t need a separate Kindle device to access it. Free downloads of the Kindle Reader, for all kinds of computers and smartphones, are available at .)

My sense is that this approach can melt a lot of frozen energies, so that the multidimensional flow of life-force becomes more possible, more full, with each repetition.

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