Divine Nature Explained (for here)

deep violet lotus

If your soul hums with knowing you’re made of the first breath rippling on the waters of the Void, made of the energies of the Void and the starlight spinning out from there, you need no explanation.

The word “nature” is from the same root as “natal” – what is being born. The word “divine” (godly) is a different word for every speaker, every listener. To share its meaning in this website, I offer a few paragraphs.

If you experience the pure aliveness of Presence, the now, free of attachment to mirages of past and future, you’re living in this energy.

If you perceive intellect, drama, materiality, and cultures of all kinds as part of Divine Creation, you’re vibrating in this state.

Even someone whose life consists of moving between cubicle, subway, and high-rise can experience this Nature state, beyond potted geraniums and wire-enclosed trees. Starting to vibrate joyfully in one’s own physicality – and seeing steel-and-glass structures as exoskeletons and hives – can be a gateway. As perception becomes higher/deeper, even geraniums and enclosed trees, and the bugs and birds enjoying them, take on a new radiance – not new to them, but new to you.

Divine Nature is all of us – Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies billowing and moving as all Creation, electrifying and enlightening and enlivening, the source beyond gender and time.

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