The Complexity of Now

white horse galloping in snowIt’s January 1: a spirit horse of imagination charging across a clear field.

Its tracks are changing the field. Its tracks reflect the infinite factors that went into hooves touching snowflakes in this instant. And you, right now, looking at this picture, are laying tracks, altering the subtle field with each thought and feeling about horses and new beginnings and dreams.

That’s the Complexity of Now: infinite intersections of energy in all frequencies, unique for each individual, each moment. In more subtle dimensions, it’s fascinating to conceive of it all being one consciousness, with infinitely entangled vibrations influencing one another.

In such a context, what does January 1 mean? Listening for what to offer in celebration of the day, every thought got met by a memory of something already written. Those encounters were oddly comforting: I didn’t have to start from scratch. I believe it’s true that we never do. I think we just reorganize our intentions so the iron filings of the cosmos line up in the patterns we’ve magnetized, and thus in turn we shift the energies of the cosmos. Why?

Questions about the source of inspiration for our intentions are too large for today’s space, but discerning the personal Why of a new beginning can be fruitful – especially in parsing out impulses to create new mirrors on the wall and in the world and in the mind (during a time of “reflection”).

The notion of a brand-new calendar year, for example, has magnetized ideas about ways to be creative from a centered, aware, non-reactive self, knowing that deliberate decisions are possible only in a limited band of consciousness while we float in a field of infinite influences.

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With warmest wishes for joy and fulfillment in every moment…

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