Schrodinger’s Eclipse

In this moment, before it has happened, my personal involvement with the August 21 eclipse is hovering in maybe-space. Will I feel again the shimmering magnetic atmosphere of long-ago experiences, see the dappling on the ground? Will I swim in air made of silver ripples? Will there be a storm that outshadows the shadow? Will […]

dot dot dot dot pause dot dot

This (the dot sequence) means Hi. In code. A wave across the waters. I’ve waited in silence for something pithy and meaningful to say, something that wouldn’t get too tangled up in the outer chaos of our time. I’ve been inspired by hi-signs coming through electronic channels I’ve let stay open – photos of Nature […]


An exotic and beautiful new word is reason enough to write about. Equilux. It’s the day of the year when light and dark are equal (not Equinox). I felt like celebrating Equinox and looked it up – only to be astounded at how much I’d forgotten or never known. The celestial mechanics literally disoriented me […]

Black Light

I’m in a new phase with deep winter: I now feel the ink-cold blackness at breakfast, the shutting down of the world in late afternoon. For days I’ve pondered the people whose pain comes from encroaching darkness, enough to make them stare into banks of artificial light – or take mood-shifting drugs – to keep […]

Deconstruction of Desire

I feel so wise right now. I’m watching small hopes leap up – able to hear, see, and feel kindly toward them, from a distance. A few days ago, elation surged when I saw an event announcement. It lifted me, like a frog launched from a lily pad. Oh wow, I would love to go […]

Mythic Reconception

My laughter at the cartoon turned heads in the store: a solar system with a red arrow pointing toward Earth saying “You Are Here … If That Helps Any.”  The “here” lasts only for a sub-instant, since we are spinning at unimaginable speeds through unrepeatable space. Locating “You” in a chaotic universe (in ancient myths, a […]

A Kaleidoscope of Women

Visions of “the feminine” started shape-changing for me this summer, watching Beasts of the Southern Wild. Startling imagery, elaborate mythology, a rich resonant soundtrack, poetic and vivid dialogue – and the unimaginable performance of its tiny girl hero-star – coalesced. Ancient self-images, affections, terrors, and enthusiasms got remembered and rearranged, transformed, even though the movie’s surfaces […]

You Do the Math (or Not)

Getting the giggles about the collision between two emails this morning: one, from webwizard Seth Godin, saying that what we do, in life/business/culture is not math (simple on/off duality), and the other, from a long-ago meditation teacher, pointing out that we live too much from the wrong-headed math of surface interpretation. When I read the Godin […]